FutureSt8 Hive, LLC

Simply, we solve problems

through the thoughtful application of technology and design.

What We Think



FS8 sees design as more than beauty & aesthetics. It is our firm belief that design should unify and amplify intent and outcomes.

Through the lens of design, we examine markets, technology, art and culture to come up with meaningful solutions to our client’s problems.

We see a future that is beautiful - with an understanding that is more than skin deep.



FS8 takes an agnostic approach to technology from the backend to frontend. For us, the client's requirements, desires and goals, in tandem with the solution’s optimal performance, drives the choice of the technology we build with.

We engineer with scalability and flexibility in mind. Your growth is the future state we build towards.



FS8 believes that data has the potential to transform.

The alchemy of turning data into insights seems magical. However we know it is the systematic deconstruction and recontextualization of raw data which produces those "aha!" moments that can trigger true transformative actions.

The extraction of insight coupled with effective and salient presentation offers the critical situational awareness needed for thoughtful decision making.

The future - we have it to a science.

How We Create

Our Process

Possibilities are infinite; however, solutions need to be singular and concrete. FutureSt8 believes in a rigorous process where exploration and definition occurs within controlled methodologies, ultimately focusing in on a viable solution and build. Our goal is to create relevant solutions in a manner that limits risk along the project lifecycle - creativity without recklessness.

What We Make

FUSE Health ColLAB is an online application that enables them, on the behalf of their pharmaceutical clients, to create and manage training programs. ColLAB provides a central location to view, maintain and monitor educational programs and their associated training events.

Engineered with scalability in mind, ColLAB is built with a custom dynamic templating engine for Users, Roles and Entities. What was once a manual process for FUSE Health, now is a flexible & cost-conscious cloud-based system with room for growth and adaptability.

Hubify is a Shopify app that enables Shopify shops to easily create dynamic marketplaces. By coming together with compatible products and services from other Shopify retailers, shop owners can cross-market, enlarge their footprint and ultimately increase sales.

Skyffold is FutureSt8’s proprietary cloud-based platform on which our projects are built. Cloud agnostic, Skyffold abstracts away the complexity of the various cloud architectures enabling us to rapidly prototype and deliver for our clients.

In the near future, we will release Skyffold for others to use - enabling speed to market and scalability to their own projects.

Stand Up & March On is an AR (augmented reality) app that brings to life the visceral impact of IRL protests to the virtual.

In the current political climate, it has become more important for the politicians and those in power to fully understand the weight behind the numbers. For us, the voters, we need be able to stand up for the beliefs we hold and take up political space in order to change the current momentum of society.

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